All posts for the month October, 2013

This week I’ve been busy with my entry on Ludum Dare October Challange. My game will be  a 2D action side scroller in the veins of Cave Story. I don’t have any art (nor name) for it yet, but I’ll hire a awesome pixel artist for this small project.

Back to Bifrost. This week I’ve implemented the Quest System and the Quest Editor for the game. The system is quite complex and AL (Antisocial Language) can interact with it. It’s Event based and it can call C# functions (through AL) to instantiate monsters or other actions.

Quest Editor

As shown above, the editor is node based. I chose this kind of interface because I think it’s easier to deal with this amount of fields and variables.

This is the second iteration of the editor. The first one was a normal window with fields and fields and fields….Then I decided to write the node based system. The unity serialization was giving me some trouble and I almost had to write my own serialization system, but I got it working after I rewrote it (again).

A good chunk of tools are already done, so I’ll work on the combat system next week to make the game playable.