All posts for the month May, 2013

For almost a month I barely worked on The Dawn Age. I feel that this shouldn’t be my first game(I still love roguelikes). Before I started the development of this game, I had three projects in mind: a 2D Metroidvania, a Roguelike and a Tactics game. My first option was the 2D Metroidvania game, but a friend of mine had a project with the same genre, so I decided to go with the roguelike. Now, his project didn’t move forward, so I want to start to develop the game I wanted at first.

The Dawn Age will be put on hold until I finish the other project.

Since I didn’t show anything for so long, I decided to record a bit of the gameplay.


That’s it. You will hear from me soon. I will contact some 2d/pixel artists and start the new project.